Wednesday, 12 November 2014

12 November 2014: China and Brazil in African agriculture - news roundup

This news roundup has been collected on behalf of the China and Brazil in African Agriculture (CBAA) project.

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Video: Europe-China-Africa Business & Agriculture
This video summarises some of the discussions at a conference at the European Centre for Development Policy Management in Brussels last year. It includes a short discussion with CBAA project member Prof. Li Xiaoyun, among other participants.

China-Africa agricultural machinery symposium held in Wuhan
At the ‘China-Africa Trade of Agricultural Machinery Cooperation Symposium’, delegates from Chinese machinery companies, research institutes and policy-making bodies met with agricultural representatives from African embassies and members of AU bodies such as the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). They invited investments in Chinese agricultural machinery companies setting up in Africa, and discussed how to develop trade links.

How China supports its agricultural investors abroad
Chinese overseas investments are picking up pace. 300 companies have taken on overseas investments in 46 countries in recent years. This blog post highlights the Chinese government’s role in supporting overseas investments, including a potential “special fund for overseas agricultural investment, subsidized loans, training for personnel, and setting up information exchange platforms.” The article includes a case study of Jilin Province’s promotion of agricultural companies abroad.
(Dim Sums)

Brazil resumes swine exports to South Africa
Swine exports from Brazil to South Africa have resumed after a 9 year ban. The block was originally imposed by Brazil after a spate of foot and mouth disease in Brazil, and its lifting has been heralded as an important step by the Brazilian foreign ministry.
(Ultimo Instante)

Brazil’s cerrado: a ‘ticking carbon bomb’?
This article looks at the impacts of rising global meat demands on Brazil’s cerrado region. “Industrial farming is fast swallowing this unique landscape. And its rapid transformation is creating a ticking carbon bomb that scientists warn could significantly affect the global carbon cycle if the current rate of destruction continues.”
(Daily Climate)

China and Ethiopia boost cooperation on bamboo and rattan
The international summit on Bamboo and Rattan was held in Addis Ababa last week, hosted by the Beijing-based International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR). The Ethiopian State Minister of Agriculture, Sileshi Getahun, said that Ethiopia has great potential for growing bamboo and rattan, and hopes to adapt the relevant Chinese knowledge and technology into the Ethiopian sector.

Chinese development lessons for African countries
Key lessons from China’s development experience for African countries, including in agriculture, are highlighted in a new publication from the Centre for Chinese Studies.
(Centre for Chinese Studies (PDF))

By Henry Tugendhat