Wednesday, 5 March 2014

26 February 2014: China & Brazil in African Agriculture - news roundup

By Henry TugendhatCBAAnews

This news roundup has been collected on behalf of the China and Brazil in African Agriculture (CBAA) project. For regular updates from the project, sign up to the CBAA newsletter.

Chinese ambassador to Ghana launches agriculture project
Mr Jung Gong has launched the ‘Gong Agricultural Project’ located at Anyaboni near Asesewa in the Upper Manya District. Funded by the Ghana China Friendship Association, the project will irrigate 500 acres of land and aquaculture for the production of crops. The project aims to “raise income levels of farmers in the area, reduce poverty, malnutrition and child labour in the project area.” New fishing methods will also be introduced. (

China-Zimbabwe trade exceeds $1.1bil in 2013
The Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe stated last week that trade between the two countries has grown from $310mil in 2003 to $1.1bil last year (2013). Despite this, the article says that Zimbabwe is ranked 26th out of 58 trading groups in Africa. South Africa is the biggest trader with $59bil in 2013.(dailynews)

These figures come amid further reports that Chinese trade with Africa surpassed $200bil in 2013, with investments into Africa increasing by 44% that year. This is double the $100bil of trade registered in 2008.(

China-Senegal “China will teach Africa to fish”
During a state meeting with Senegalese president Macky Sall in Beijing on Saturday, Xi Jinping is reported to have said that China will “teach them how to fish instead of giving them fishes [sic.] directly.” Xi also told Sall that China was interested in increasing agricultural imports from Senegal and would carry out cooperation on plantation and processing. (

Brazil to remain agricultural powerhouse
A report by the research body of a financial institution that focuses on agriculture, Radobank, has written about the prospects of Brazil’s agricultural sector. In it they predict a steady rise of Brazilian beef and soybean, with a slight decline in corn exports.(

China to finance new farming practices
China will offer customized financial services to new farming practices in order to promote agricultural modernisation. The intention is to give better loans and grace periods for family farms and co-operatives seeking to buy more modern machinery, or infrastructure.(

IATP Lectures on China Meat Industry
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has recently hosted a seminar series looking at the state and future of China’s meat industry. The four main topics are pork, chickens, the dairy industry and animal feed. The reports published as part of the conference can be downloaded from IAT blog.

‘Donors go home’
There is a new paper looking at ‘non-traditional state actors and the creation of development space in Zambia’. The paper is written by P. Kragelund in the Third World Quarterly.

New Alliance Articles
The Guardian’s development website has recently published several articles assessing the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. Articles look at Ghana, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, and pay particular attention to the impacts on smallholder farmers.