Friday, 6 July 2012

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KNOTS blogger

Health System Society Consultation Launched

Posted: 06 Jul 2012 03:40 AM PDT

A diverse group of health systems researchers has set up a consultation on a new health systems research society, which is to be launched at the Beijing Health Systems Research Symposium in November 2012. The consultation aims to encourage greater interest in the Society and support the working group that is establishing the society.

The consultation comprises of five questions to stimulate discussion, and are encouraging as many responses as possible. You can have your say on the consultation webpage, which is being hosted on the International Health Policy website.

According to their new website, Health Systems Global will be the first international membership organization fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and knowledge translation. Activities will span three broad areas of work: 


  • Creating new knowledge;
  • Supporting knowledge translation through a focus on bridging knowledge creation with practical application;
  • and Fostering research on the application of new knowledge in real world settings, i.e., implementation science.


As a part of the society’s member-driven activities, a series of thematic working groups will be launched in 2013. These groups will provide a platform to exchange experiences and ideas on particular aspects of health systems research, including the latest developments.